Friday, December 6, 2013

Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

This week we had the terrible dilemma of Thanksgiving leftovers.
Not only did we have leftovers from one Thanksgiving, but two! And on top of that, family and friends brought food by earlier that week since I had my surgery. Needless to say, we were leftover'd out!

I wanted to make something that didn't taste like Thanksgiving, but took care of my leftovers at the same time, and this sure did the trick well.

What You'll Need:
Turkey meat (white is best)
2 stalks celery
2 medium carrots
2 cans cream of chicken soup ( & 2 cans water)
1 cup milk
Wild Rice (1-2 cups)
Pepper to taste

How to do it:

1. In a large pot, start with your wild rice, cream of chicken soup, water and milk. Cook on medium to high heat
2. Begin to prepare your veggies, dice the celery, cut the carrots, (add onions as desired) and lastly, add your turkey meat. Stir in veggies and continue to cook on medium to high heat.
3. Add some pepper to taste and cover soup, stirring occasionally. It'll take about 15 minutes for the rice to be soft and prepared. 
4. Serve with some leftover Thanksgiving rolls and enjoy! 

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