Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home Improvement: our Office

 My office WAS a MESS. Seriously. It was a disaster and since I hadn't taken the time to get settled it was becoming a dumping ground fast. With school coming up I HAD to do something about the mess, so I took to the internet for inspiration and then took to my office space to take over.

In my before photo I had already started the makeover by adding the clipboards. Our living room decor is all in U of U stuff, and with our office being a part of the living room, I wanted to add that theme to it.

Since it was near impossible to find U of U scrapbook paper to cover the clipboards in, I actually used folders. After having them up, I found it was actually really useful, because then I can store stuff INSIDE of them and no one will ever know!

Then there was UNDER the desk. GAG. You all know how that goes, a million cords, wires, the works, and you really can't do much with it. I HAD to fix it.

In the after photos, I got a new lamp FREE of all the "storage space" that college lamps come with now. I found two small buckets for pens and markers (the silver one from Ikea, the red one from Target) and cleared the desk, leaving a LOT of room for books, my laptop, and notebooks.

In the second after photo, I had to jerry-rig it, but I came up with a way to get the cords out of my feet while I'm working at the desk. I put them up, and then zip tied them into a bundle and tucked them against the wall. To create the basket I had to go to Wal-Mart and buy a small basket. Bubba installed four hooks to hang them from, making it easy to slide in and out if I wanted to add or take out a wire. For easier access, I cut the slats in the basket facing the opposite wall and flipped the extension cord sideways. It took some effort, but I can totally tell the difference. My chair isn't getting caught on cords, my feet aren't drowning in them, I LOVE IT.


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  2. I came up with a way to get the cords out of my feet while I'm working at the desk.

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