Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Week in Photos

Okay, so technically it's been two weeks in photos, but when you've got a super busy schedule, errands and a sick baby, you kind of forget to take photos! That being said - its been a crazy two weeks! 

First row - when I took Brayden to the pediatrician we saw the COD MW3 Jeep there. The irony is, that is all I played while I was pregnant with the little dude and on bedrest, so not only did I find it amusing,  I found I HAD to take photos! Last photo is of daddy and little man snoozing. So sweet - both of em!

Middle row - Sunrise on my commute to work, look at that fire red sky! Little man can now sit up all on his own! He just started doing it - no practice! Last photo is little mans face as I'm taking photos of him sitting up all on his own. I'm sure he's wondering what all the hubub is about!

Last row - He can now also hold his bottle on his own...but being a boy...he's found other ways to eat on his own (see middle photo). Silly baby! Last photo, he can now also ROLL OVER! (he did it for the first time to get to his bottle, and not just back to stomach, it was back, stomach, back and then to bottle!) 

Yep, in two weeks we've mastered holding our own bottle, sitting up on our own and rolling over like a madman. Told ya it was busy. 

What have you been up to these last few weeks? Share below!

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