Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home Improvements: Bedroom photos

Lets be honest. We've been in our town home for almost a month now. It's really time to get unpacked and settled. I spent some time this week getting things unpacked and asked husband to get to hanging up the photos in our bedroom. 

I was too big of a pansy to do a "real" gallery wall, but I did a "mock" one, and I LOVE it! Almost all of our frames are black anyways so I can build onto it should I get daring later in life. I love our photos, and since they weren't in the same rooms before, I know some of them are duplicates, which means I can take or get new photos to hang up in their place. 
This next one is VERY special to me. Ever since I hung up the Proclamation to the family in our old apartment, I wanted to add a very nice family photo to go with it. The first group of family photos we did in March, Brayden was too little and after we did our new ones this month I KNEW I had to use one of those. I love that I can see both at the same time.  
There you have it. A few small photos from our new bedroom. More to come once it gets perfect! 

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  1. They look really great! Its so nice to make a house your home.