Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a Very Workman Christmas

This post is PHOTO HEAVY.
While reading a story to the family, someone said, "You need an elmo so the kids will pay more attention."
"Ew, no. Elmo went to jail." replied one of Bubbas 12-year-old cousins. 
White Elephant Gift. She got goldfish and pringles. "Fish and Chips"
"Now Santa doesn't have to bring me a Beta for Christmas!" She had asked for one for Christmas!

Mystery Date - the perfect white elephant gift!

Someone was tired!

Our happy, (hot, it was HOT in there!) little family!

Little Emma. She's so cute!

Brayden usually loves Santa.
That means, we found this hilarious.

Seriously though, it was kinda funny.

TRUCKS! The boys had fun!

As many kids as we could get into one frame and Santa. About 20 kids were missing.

Brayden and mommy being hams. 
Also, I swear, we need a reality TV series.

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