Sunday, December 9, 2012

Emily's 17th Birthday

I have one cousin. That's it!
And that sweetheart of ours turned seventeen!

She's had a wonderful tradition of a birthday party at Leatherby's every year, and this year was no different!

Aunt Suz always wraps presents so cute!

My beautiful momma.

Grandma Di talking to Brayden, Opa spinning the high chair (it has wheels!)

Grandma Di talking to Grandma Gale - look at that smile! Isn't it so genuine?!

Taz, Emily and Whitney. So cute!


Chevron Scarf!

About the glasses: When my Aunt Suz (her mom) graduated high school, she wore the exact same glasses on stage for her graduation photo. Emily plans to do the same thing! 
I think it freaking rocks.

Lots of giggles!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you and hope you had an awesome birthday!

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