Monday, December 17, 2012

Jentzsch Christmas Party

We had the Jentzsch family Christmas party on Saturday. It was such a fun night!
My photos got out of order, so we'll just have to deal with it and enjoy!

Brayden wasn't sure about Santa. He didn't cry, didn't scream or throw a fit. He didn't smile or giggle either. He just stared at him. And stared at him.
And stared some more.

He got his first Christmas present ever, a fire truck! Santa must have known his room was done in all police cars, fire trucks and ambulances! 

Since they've moved back to Utah, Mason and Brayden have become buddies. They have so much fun together!

Bubba's cousin brought this dessert. Brilliant!

Wyatt isn't my biggest fan, so I get the BEST pouty faces in the world.
(All the littles were exhausted)

Wyatt and Brayden wanted Bubba, so Bubba tried to do it all. It didn't work, but his attempt was endearing.

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