Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with the Donners

Because of how big our family is now, we started celebrating Christmas early. We did my family's Christmas on Saturday, with my grandma and grandpa on my moms side.

We had a nice spaghetti dinner, with Italian sausage and a fantastic dessert (so fantastic, in fact that I am holding it from you until I can get the recipe from my mom!) Brayden napped and finally, after a long wait, awoke to a bunch of excited adults, ready to give him gifts!

Opa (German for Grandpa, and my dad) helped him open all his presents. His stocking was full of yummy treats and dinners!

Bubba got a FCB jacket! He is so stoked. He hasn't taken it off actually!

Bubba Kanoosh got a RSL jacket. He loved it!

Brayden got lots of new toys, but this one couldn't wait. Opa had to put it together ASAP. So he did. 
Look at the smiles all around.

We even bundled up and took it outside to test it out. Little dude had some serious fun!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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