Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY: Cute Seat Covers

Lets admit it, seat covers for your car are UGLY. You really can't find one that is cute that hasn't been purchased by everyone and their dog. I was getting really sick of it, and my seat covers were getting faded (due to the sun), stained (due to the husband and baby) and were ugly to begin with. I needed new covers.

Instead of spending up to $15 per seat cover, I spent $15 TOTAL and purchased my fabric, about 6-8 yards and got to work. I didn't take before, after or during photos, because I really did not think this was  going to work in the first place.

Here's what I did:

Take the old seat cover and a pair of scissors. Cut at the seams or wherever you'd like the fabric to be, using the old cover as your pattern. Pin in place and cut into your pattern.

Then, sew together, sewing the back of the seat cover before the bottom part. To ensure that it will stay on your seat, sew an elastic onto the bottom.

I did a double seam to make sure it didn't fall apart, then washed it on "delicate" in the washer. It fit and I was SO excited with the outcome!

Have you ever made your own seat covers? Would you consider making them now?

P.S. Yes, I did take these photos in a parking lot while I was the passenger. I had been wanting to take them and had kept forgetting. Yeah, I'm awesome like that.


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  2. The original seat covers aren’t ugly. I think they just don’t speak about the owners’ personality well, usually coming in plain materials. But so much for that, your improvised covers are cute! Although floral prints in pastel shades seem a bit retro, it is the on-the-go print lately. Nice one!

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