Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Week in Photos!

Our Week in Photos. I love this part of the week and the blog, mainly because I love posting photos of the little dude. I love reviewing our week and all that we were able to accomplish (or put off, whichever the case may be). This week was an INSANE week, and I am so glad that it is over with!

Photo Set One: Top row
1. I've been sick this week. On my day off I found a bunch of masks in my backpack and a note from a co-worker that said "feel better soon, don't get your kid sick!" The joys of working in a hospital.
2. It's getting cooler, which means baby boy has that many more items of clothing we can put on him. This one is a Dinosaur hoodie, and is ADORABLE. I love all the hoodies for babies.
3. Little dude and daddy. They're best buds.
Middle Row: 1. Little man sacked out.
2. One of my daily views, but I love it.
Bottom row - Making homemade applesauce with Oma, the apples are from her tree in the backyard! I picked them all myself and sliced them, we sprinkled them with sugar and added cinnamon sticks. Yum!

Photo Set Two: Row One:
1. My great-godmother and her family sent Brayden some shoes! Even I don't have a pair of Pumas! Lucky little dude!
2. Brayden and daddy reading. We're trying to start a new habit of reading books every day during "quiet time", before a nap or bedtime.
3. The men playing.
Row Two:
1. Hey look, I was sick again.
2 & 3. My little brother and I came up with this game when I was in high school, you basically turn off all the lights and take photos of each other to see what funny faces get pulled. Its awesome.
Row Three:
1. Just being happy.
2 & 3. I got home from class to Bubba wanting to show me "something awesome", this was what it was.

Photo Set Three - All of it.
BYU and UTAH played on Saturday (and the Utes gave BYU a chance to win THREE TIMES and they still lost!), and folks, we BLEED RED. Naturally, we had to get photos when we saw how adorable little man looked in his game day gear. 

What did you do this week? Comment below! 

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