Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our week in Photos!

 It has been a week - that's for sure! Busy with work, school, being a full time mommy and trying to keep up with the blog - we keep busy!

Bubba's still been playing soccer, coaching and on his recreational teams (he plays on about three or four, mostly filling in as a sub). Brayden gets to enjoy one-on-one time with his daddy, and his grandparents. He's happy as a clam and keeping busy, keeping US busy!

I'm loving my classes and enjoying the time and chance to learn. Things were crazy, but great...


Thursday. Brayden has decided to become a unibomber and dive out of and off of everything. While walking into the house he decided he wanted to dive out of my arms, so I tried to dive and save him...resulting in a really gnarly foot injury. Still not sure what I did to it (it's much worse now than in this picture) because frankly, I won't go to the ER unless it is an emergency and also, I WORK FOR Orthopods, so I can wait til Tuesday when I go back to work.

Nothing says sex appeal like a cankle.

Friday we had a much needed date night, and did it sans technology. We went to Leatherby's for dinner and ice cream and then to Nickelcade for some classic arcade games. It was a fantastic date night and a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary!

Saturday we got invited to go to the RSL game, so we bundled up and left Brayden at Grandma Terrie's to hang out with Aunt Carebear. Weather Advisory postponed the game by almost an hour and a half and we sat it out in the rain like champs. The game was a success, we beat D.C. United 1-0. Yay!

Did you have a great week? What did you do?

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