Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Week in Photos!

Can I just say that I my life is full time? Full time work, full time school, and most importantly, full time mommy. We don't get a break (and we don't mind it), but we do forget to do things, like take photos of our week. Luckily, Monday was a holiday, so I managed to remember. 

Brayden and Oma. We can FINALLY do his hair in a faux-hawk.  

We went to the Park after my brother-in-law's birthday dinner. Brayden had never been before and LOVED it. The slides and the sand were his favorite. He enjoyed playing with dad, cousin CJ and mom.

Cousin CJ and Brayden on the saddle at Texas Roadhouse. CJ loves his family, and is such a good older cousin . 

If anyone has any tips on being better about taking photos, PLEASE tell me. Obviously I have trouble remembering!

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