Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rants, Thoughts and the Like

I know a lot of bloggers do these kinds of posts, the ones where it is randomness and full of odds and ends. I guess I didn't really want to HAVE to do it, so I worked really hard and providing what I deemed "great" content for my readers as long as I could.

Didn't last very long, but oh well. That's life.

Basically, I'm on a mini-hiatus from the popular version of "mommy blogging" until I can finish re-grouping and figure out exactly what I'd like to do here. I know that this is my space and I can do it with whatever I'd like, but honestly, I HAVE to have a plan. That's just my personality type. Until then, recipes when I've got new ones and photos of the family for my long distance family and friends.

I really hate how people will judge you by how you look or dress. When I told someone I had a "mommy blog" recently and that I was interested in fashion, it was insisted that since I don't have a "bubble necklace" that I'm not legit. What? Seriously?

For the record, if I was more self confident, you'd see more fashion posts. I'm not confident, and that hinders how I feel about posing for the camera for a bunch of strangers. I love y'all though!

We live out of a crockpot since I started school. I don't mind it, since Pinterest provides me with TONS of recipes. I do mind that most of the time I'm too tired by the time Brayden's asleep to look them up.

I know that fall is here and that Halloween is fast approaching, but I just cannot get into the craft making portion of the season. Anyone have any advice? I love Halloween when it is made for KIDS. Adult Halloween is definitely not my favorite, too gross and gory. I see enough gore at work, don't need to make a holiday of it.

 I REALLY want to host a giveaway on the blog here soon, but I have no idea what my readers want, need or would enjoy. Anyone have an ETSY shop, online store or blog they want to use to sponsor a giveaway? I'd LOVE to have you!

Speaking of wants (I consider this a need though), I really want a new camera. My camera was bought by me in 2008 in October. It was purchased during Breast Cancer Awareness Month so it is pink, and was naturally, on sale. It does the job I want it to, but I want to take better photos. I know I have the ability to take fantastic photos because I've used other cameras, both film and digital and LOVE it. I really need to get one.

The voice of an old professor is always talking to me when I sit down to blog. He used to always say, "so what? Who cares?" whenever we wrote. At the time I thought it was true and poetic, but the most people blog, the more I realize it may not be true, because there is an awful lot that I read that I almost say it myself. There are completely different rules from blogging than journalism folks.

I think Brayden knows what a camera is and is trained to smile for it. If he is, kudos to me because that means he is trainable. If not, well, awesome, at least we can fake happiness and perfection for everyone else.

I hope you all have a fantastic week - I'm hoping to regroup soon!

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