Monday, January 21, 2013

Makeup Monday: Janurary Glam Bag

IT FINALLY CAME! After a long wait for this month's glam bag, it finally came!
Needless to say, I didn't wait to rip it open, so I used a baby blanket as my back drop.
Yeah, I'm that person.

Big Sexy Hairspray, a MINI! GUYS. I can't even. I am so excited to have some! I've tried some when other family members had these products and loved them, but frankly have been too cheap to buy them. Also, this size is PERFECT for my purse because it's a mini! Whoo hoo! 

I had seen other glam bag subscribers complain because they got a Nailtini polish just in November. I'm not complaining AT ALL. I love this brand and LOVE the color, called "Frappe". So pretty and feminine! 

I've been needing some lotion to help me through this dry, cold, bitter, Utah winter. I smelled this lotion and LOVE IT. I tried it on my hands and it works wonderful, smells great and doesn't leave a thick layer on my hands.

SOHO concealer makeup brush! I've been needing new brushes and am so excited to try it out! The handle is so thin and easy to hold, and not bulky! 

You guys, I am so excited to try it all out! Other bloggers I had read had posted about the use of this for skin, but on the box it goes into detail about how it works for hair, nails, skin, and scars. I am really excited to try this out!

Have you gotten a glam bag? If not, you should go to and check it out! It's the best $10 you'll EVER spend!

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