Saturday, March 16, 2013

Date Night: Heathen Highlanders and SWAGGER

My father in law has the coolest job ever, and every now and then we get to benefit from it, like by attending concerts for free, or getting to go to cool events. My husband has been able to go to the high speed motorcycle races, we've gone to charity auctions, and many bar events, and now, a concert. Its pretty freaking sweet.

Here are some photos from that night - and even better, Bubba and I got to have a date night!

Enjoying the live music!

Swagger, warming up. They were AMAZING. If you like Johnny Cash, Dropkick Murphy's, and traditional Scottish music, you'll LOVE these guys. Ring of Fire played with Bagpipes? Yeah, it was pretty freaking bad-ass. 

The drummer is Justin, a dear friend of ours. He plays with Heathen Highlanders. These guys are FUN. Not only are they super talented in traditional/competition pipe and drum music, but they throw pirate flags on their pipes and play heavy metal and rock music with their pipes and drums. Love them. If you live in Salt Lake, go to Piper Down, you'll see them there all the time!

The highlight of my sister-in-laws night with us, was seeing who we supposed was a pimp. After talking to my friends that came also, we discovered he's not a pimp, but he thinks he's one. This guy goes to bars all the time and hits on the hot chicks, and is basically the dirtiest old man we've ever seen. 

All in all it was a blast, we had a great time, listened to fantastic music and enjoyed the evening! A BIG thanks to my father-in-law for letting us come out and join him!

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