Sunday, March 17, 2013

When the Bathtub Glows

We had had a very busy day. We ran errands. Dealt with teething woes. Handled meltdowns. It was nearing time for bath and bed, and I wanted to make it special for a grumpy little man.
As the time was nearing closer and closer, I was finishing a project of organizing one of his toy bins, to discover the glow sticks I had placed in there were untouched.
Game on. 
Snapped them to glow and tossed them in the tub and turned out the lights. Little man couldn't get in the water fast enough. He LOVED it. 

Daddy and mommy played with the sticks too- making it fun for all of us while little dude got to play, enjoy a bath, and have a happy end to a grumpy day. 


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