Sunday, March 10, 2013

This is why we can't have nice pictures!

I'm sure any mom can understand where I'm coming from here when I say my only excuse for not having more photos lately of the family is because I have a toddler. 

If the camera comes out he goes for it. 
And then it becomes a race to capture those moments. 
And usually, I lose that race.

Thats not to say those moments aren't happening.
They are.

Little dude wearing Daddy's tee shirt. He put it on himself and it quickly turned into a toga. That particular morning was full of giggles because Daddy and Brayden were both feeling hammy.

Follow me on Instagram for more photos. I'll be posting more often now that I have a camera with a phone that works. 


  1. He is so cute! I love how he is wearing his Daddy's shirt!

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  2. Too cute. I just love his blue eyes!

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