Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weight Loss Update: 22 lbs

Note: This post was written on March 9th, 2013. The amount of weight lost may actually be more at the time of publishing this post. 

At the beginning of the year I posted about my weight loss goals and journey. I wanted to post an update. The photos are sooner than I wanted to do, but after being called a "liar," I wanted to show my progress so far. 

Supposedly, if you don't post photos of yourself all the time during a weight loss program, the weight loss didn't happen. Well, that simply isn't true. I honestly was hoping for a more dramatic before and after sequence, but whatever. 22 lbs down, and here is my before and after!

When I started the program I was going to have to put on a pair of large scrubs or start changing something. It was embarrassing  to be quite frank. I was starting to wear a size 2x clothing, something I didn't even have to wear while I was pregnant. My jeans sizes were way too big for my liking, and thats why I mostly wore scrub pants after work, so I didn't have to face the reality. Finally, after a terrible photo of myself, I had ENOUGH of looking the way I did. It was time to research my options and start a plan.

Here is the said terrible photo of myself. Everyone looks so pretty, and thin, except me.
The fat chick in the corner.
That led me to find a gym close by apartment. for $10 a month I could have 24/7 access to their products/services/equipment. I went in, contacted them, haggled them, and made sure there wasn't a catch. Luckily, there wasn't. And because I was such a pain in the rear, they ended up working hard to "keep me". I didn't tell them I was going to stay, but when they offered me personal training/body fitness assessments/body shaping programs free for seven weeks. I didn't say no .

So I started working out 5 days a week, about 45-60 minutes a day. I love going to the gym. It gives me an escape, a place to be mentally free from my work worries, away from the blog, from a screaming toddler, from a husbands worries and woes. For those 45-60 minutes, its about me.
And endorphins are addicting. I cannot get enough sometimes.

I also changed my diet. Its strict, but only during the week is it strict. It works so well with my crazy work schedule, and I am able to eat whatever I want for dinner. On weekends, I can do the same, but usually I still opt to eat healthy, salads for lunch and smaller meals/portions or lighter dishes for dinner. 

The hardest part about all of this is the cravings that came post workout. I never really craved anything while pregnant, so this experience was bizarre, but the worst part was, it was a raspberry shake that I craved. I found that I could freeze raspberry flavored yogurt and it satisfied plenty, but craving anything at all seemed so strange! 

I've never really been one to post about such personal things. But I am so thankful that I have been able to be successful at this program and to get back to my EXACT pre-baby weight. How does one know this? When I found out I was pregnant with Brayden I stepped on the scale that morning, and was devistated to find out my weight loss plan wasn't working. I weighed in at 174.8 that morning. Today I weighed in at 175 exactly (close enough to pre-baby). 

Now to lose the rest of the weight I want to and to getting feeling even healthier and looking even better! 


  1. You look great and so glad you're feeling it too! YOU DESERVE IT! You've def inspired me and I look forward to your progress! #getitgirl

  2. You look great. And just so you know it's dramatic. Keep it up!! Can't wait to see more pics on your journey! Btw 22 pounds is a big deal! So are 2 jean sizes!!!

  3. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! You are looking awesome :)) This is an amazing progress...also an incredibly hard process. I know i have fallen of the bandwagon a few time...but You are a motivation. Keep up the great will get there before you know it.

  4. Great job! Found your post on the revolt link up! I'm trying to lose my baby weight too and it's a challenge for sure! I'm so encouraged by your success because I'm like in the exact same boat as you! Thanks for posting!

  5. so funny....I came here to comment on your frito casserole blog and clicked the front page just to make sure you updated this thing and I found this entry...

    I've lost almost 50lbs in the last year, and it is pretty weird the negative things people say. I'm nearing the end of my loss, but i'm in no way unhealthy or skinny looking, and i had a friend tell me to stop losing weight because I "looked like I was from a concentration camp". I think some folks even think I'm lying when I say "diet and exercise".

    Anyways......good job, there is a really big difference already!