Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Anti-Soda Campaign

Three weeks ago now I quit drinking soda pop as a part of an attempt to be healthier. They say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit, and now that we are at day 21, I wanted to share my thoughts on the healthier change.

Coca-Cola. It was my drug- literally. I used it for medicinal purposes, migraines, anxiety, taste. I loved that crap. And it was exactly that....crap.

One afternoon I was thinking of ways I could better myself and my body. I recalled a friend sharing that a few years ago, when he quit soda he lost a few pounds but gained feeling great. I wanted that too, so I drank my last soda at a Sunday dinner with family and friends and took some Tylenol that night. I knew what was coming for me.

The first few days were hell. Migraines, feeling sick, feeling gross. Water helped a lot and I drank a lot of it in the mean time. I took Tylenol as a precaution every morning and spent the rest of the day praying a migraine wouldn't come. After a few days, they didn't.

Since then, my chronic migraines have cleared up. I feel better, because I am not pouring chemicals into my body. When I'm eating, I've noticed I'm eating smaller portions, and more importantly I look less bloated. My acne, caused my PCOS is clearing up for the first time ever. The benefits are amazing.

Also... I have found that I'm saving money too. Who would've thunk such a small change can cause such big benefits? Onto the next step to a better life!

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