Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Week in Photos

 This week has been like all the others lately - CRAZY! Having a family will definitely do that to you!

The beginning of the week was pretty rough, I had a cold on top of hay fever...that does make for a nice scare for moms of young babies. I was so worried about little dude, but luckily he did not get sick at all. YAY!

Isn't this just the cutest photo of Bubba and Baby boy? He's discovered his love for his rattles and keys, and has been loving playing with them! On top of it all, he's about to roll over any day now. We are in BIG trouble.

The second photo was taken by request. Baby boy is in a cocoon and matching blanket made by a gal my mother in law works with and had been asking for a photos for weeks now. I'm a slacker and it took me until  now to get it done, but now that it is... isn't it cute?

I love how happy my little man is.

Friday was spent catching up on the housework. Cleaning, doing laundry, and most importantly, snuggling the baby. Also, I managed to get Mothers Day gifts made and wrapped nicely for the moms! (We hadn't planned on anything per everyone's request, but I found a gift everyone wanted - PHOTOS!)

Saturday was spent being busy. We picked up Grandma from dialysis and went to lunch with my mom and baby boy at Iggys. Little man was so good and even got to watch soccer on the big screens they had there!

After all was said and done my mom took my over to my Omas were Bubba was working and we got to visit her for mothers day. We got to visit with her and she got to enjoy little dude. Finally we had to go home- the ReAL game was going to be on!

Unfortunately we weren't able to see much of the RSL game. We got some bad news about Bubbas grandpa - he had an accident and had fallen pretty badly and was at the hospital. We were iffy on trying to figure out when to go, we knew there was a lot of family there already and that there was nothing we could do for awhile, but when we found out he was in his room we put Brayden in the carseat and went down.

The bright side was that it wasn't as bad as the family made it out to be. We got to see grandpa and a LOT of the family we haven't seen since Christmas, and had never seen baby boy before. We found that them seeing baby boy for the first time helped with a lot of nerves and anxiety and we were able to talk to family about a situation other than the one we were in. We finally got a photo of Grandma Trudy holding him while he was sleeping.

Then it was mothers day. Bubba and I had talked about not doing anything because of the stress of the day and night  before. We had decided that we were going to make breakfast and snuggle the baby and that would be it. Early in the morning Bubba told me he had to go over to his moms house to help her out.

I took the baby and turned on my TV show, oblivious to anything else. He returned a little while later with some beautiful flowers and an even bigger surprise - a NOOK! I'd been wanting one for a LONG time and had been having a hard time reading because of the size of the books I love to read. I immediately plugged it in and got it set up as soon as I could. I love it!

As if that wasn't enough Bubba made us breakfast - bacon, eggs and toast! It was delicious. We ended up taking a mid-day nap with the baby before Bubba had to go to work, but it made for the best mothers day yet!

What did you do for Mothers day? Anything fun?

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