Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Make Your Pens Prettier

If your job is anything like mine, you know that pens walk away FAST. Heaven forbid it is a nice pen, you'll never see it again at my job. After years of this pen abuse I knew I had to come up with a better solution than buying new pens. What was that solution you ask? 

Making 'em pretty. Most of my colleagues are guys. They won't be caught dead with a pretty pen. 

What you need:
Pen (any kind will do)
Mod Podge
Ribbon or fabric

I used clicky pens because they are my favorite. At the top I tied the ribbon to make it not only stay in place, but to add a little "spunk" to it. I then covered the pen in Mod Podge with a small craft paint brush, and wrapped the ribbon tightly around it. Once I got to the end I pinched the ribbon tightly and held it in place to finish it. Then, I recovered the pen with mod podge to seal it. I set it aside to dry, then had the ultimate test.


I took these three pens to work and worked an entire eight hour day. Not one pen got lost. WIN! 

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