Saturday, September 28, 2013

Guest Post: Bootz, Inc.

Today is really special, today one of my all time favorite bloggers, one of my favorite people, and by far the sweetest person you will ever meet is guest posting on my blog! I love Beatriz, and have loved having her as a sponsor on our sidebar! She's fantastic, and in this guest post is just a small snippet as to why I love her! Check out this post, then check out her blog and her fab style!

Hello everyone!
My name is Beatriz, AKA Bootz, I write for Bootz, Inc. Blog

I love posting tips on fashion, trends and anything having
 to do with fashion events here locally in Utah.
I occasionally like to post outfit posts just so you have an idea of my personal style,
 but I love giving ideas and having you do them on your own.
I am fascinated by individual style. 

A little about myself: I am a full time fashion student by day, and a fashion blogger by night.
I love fashion and the way it can be expressed as an art, 
my plan is to get in the fashion field once I graduate the Fashion Institute here in Salt Lake City. 
(I seriously just used FASHION in that sentence three times, 
sorry that normally doesn't happen. I think I might of  got a little excited.)
I am 24 years old and currently live with my fiance in a cute little apartment near the city.
Please make sure to follow me to get a better view of what I'm about and more on
my adventure through the fashion scene here in Utah! :) 


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