Monday, September 2, 2013

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

We have had an exciting summer to say the very least! The goal of making sure we did as much as we could with great weather and long days, sure was met! 

We started the summer by visiting the farm, and seeing all of the baby animals!

We went to the park to play a whole bunch of times!

We took little dude to a few RSL games, one against the Chicago Fire, one against Sporting Kansas City,
Mommy and Daddy went to a whole bunch without little dude too!

We even made it to a US Mens National Team qualifier match!

Found some time to make it up to Bear Lake 

Swam in grandma's pool a whole bunch! Like in this picture, on Father's Day, Or for CJ's birthday,

Played in some splash pads too, like this one at the Gateway, or this one for Wyatt's birthday.

We blew some things up to celebrate our freedoms. 

We went to a Salt Lake Bee's Game

We celebrated Bubba's birthday

We went to the zoo a few times, once with mommy and daddy, once with Omie, and even once with Uncle Nick!

We had a family reunion, with a big water fight!

It's been a busy summer, and we've had lots of fun. I cannot wait to start this fall season, there is so much we can do and enjoy, and with little dude growing up and learning new things, he can appreciate the change in seasons even more!
What did you do this summer?


  1. Awww, sounds like you had an amazing summer! Us too! I can't wait for fall and the cool weather!
    My 2 owls