Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Workman Weds - Oktoberfest

If you haven't noticed yet, or if you're new around here. I'm a pretty legit Kraut.
Sometimes, when I'm pissy, I'm such a legit Kraut that I'm a sauerkraut. 

All jokes aside, we love Oktoberfest, but for one reason alone nowadays.
The music! Over the weekend we went to Oktoberfest to celebrate the beginning of fall and to enjoy the start of the new season..and to enjoy the music!

Snowbird offers up great festivities for the occasion. But that being said, I'm legit. There are some things that bother me. Like the fact that every douche bag in the state decides to come up, get shit-faced, and act like a total idiot. Or how terrible the food is, because its made cheaply, and totally wrong.
I mean, warm potato salad? Come on.

That being said, Snowbird has scored the best music and the best tent-life that I've seen yet at a festival. That and all the old krauts I've grown up with go and still celebrate the way Oktoberfest was meant to be. 
And not many things are more fun than singing German drinking songs at the top of your lungs, drinking or sober. 

Little dude loved to hear the music. We danced, we ate brats, and we sang along loudly.

Oh, and the men had to celebrate in the traditional way, naturally.
Do you go to Oktoberfest? Do you love it like we do?

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