Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kilted to Kick Cancer Kicks off Today & Why You Should Care

September is Male Cancer Awareness month.

While most people will be out bringing awareness to Breast Cancer this fall, our family is Kilting up to support and bring awareness to Male related cancers. Prostate cancer used to be called the "old mans disease", mostly because only old men were tested. Well, times have changed, and we need to bring awareness to this type of cancer.
Today, 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.
1 in 36 men will be killed by prostate cancer. Let that sink in.

This type of cancer makes men uncomfortable to discuss (somewhat like the photo above). I'm hoping to make YOU uncomfortable by discussing this. That's the goal, folks. We need to talk about it, with our spouses, with our parents, our uncles, our brothers, and most importantly, with our doctors. 

Why the kilt?
The men that started this campaign had found that wearing a kilt in public drew far more awareness than simply wearing a t-shirt, or growing a mustache. People will stop to ask why you are wearing a kilt!

"What's under the kilt"
"A risk for prostate cancer."
From there, lives have been changed. Appointments to see doctors have been made. 
Not to mention the totally awesome competition between firefighters, paramedics, and cops to see who can raise the most money towards the cause (the prizes are totally drool worthy). All while sporting the most perfect garment ever.
Check out Alt.Kilt 
Help us raise money to find a cure, Kilt up to bring awareness, and join us as we tackle this disease!


  1. I would feel more comfortable if they wore undergarments -- just seems very unsanitary when a guy in a kilt sits on a barstool :(

  2. What a fantastic idea! It's totally true, i don't pay a bit of attention to what it says on someone's t-shirt but I would definitely look twice at a guy wearing a kilt! Good luck on your fundraising goals!