Saturday, September 28, 2013

Guest Post: Merelynne

Hello! I am Meredith and I blog over at MereLynne.  

I was born and raised in Southeast Missouri in a small town where everyone really did know your name, or at least in my case, my folks’ names and their cell phone numbers.  I moved away after high school for college to a city that was a little bigger than my hometown, well it had a mall that was close and places that stayed open past 9pm on school nights.  About 2 months ago, my fiance came home to say that he had a job offer in big ol’ St. Louis and we would be moving.  So now I find myself navigating the highways around St. Louis with my fiance and two dogs and if it wasn’t for my GPS I would never make it home.  

I am a pretty indecisive person, just ask my finace.  It took 4 trips and countless hours thinking about it just to decide on the type of vests the guys will be wearing at our wedding in less than 2 months.  And, do not even get me started on the food.  I will probably have someone else make that decision.  All that matters to me is that there will be an open bar and a large dance floor.


So, when it came time to decide on a direction of my blog - I froze.  One direction? Absolutely no way.  I love too much and have an eclectic range of interests.  My blog is the place for my interests and passions.  I write about DIY project tips, wedding planning, and how 2 people are learning to combine their incomes.  Plus, I will admit that I am slightly obsessed with my two pups, Maggie and Tiny, which is evident with all the pictures and posts dedicated to just them.  

I’m just your average girly-girl trying to leave an impact on this world.  I love for us to be friends, so come by my little corner of the world and say hi.  


  1. Good luck with your future plans. May your house-hunting in St. Louis prove fruitful and your wedding plans not cause a major problem. My best wishes to you both.

    Isobel: www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.

    1. Thank you! If it wasn't for my fiance I would probably be a big ball of nerves. He keeps me on point. I am pretty excited about St. Louis, just about every week I discover something new to do. Thanks again!