Thursday, August 2, 2012

15 Tips to a Better Household

There are just some things people keep quiet on, or at least used to, before the age of the internet and sharing all the best tips and tricks. Well, today I am going to share some of the best household tips and tricks that I know!
  1. Heating a lemon thoroughly before squeezing it will allow you to get nearly double the quantity of juice.
  2. After frosting a cake, a knife dipped in hot water and smoothed over the frosting will give that professional gloss.
  3. If a bit of egg yolk gets into your egg whites, wet a cloth with cold water, touch the yolk and it will adhere to the cloth. 
  4. Melt a package of "Red Hots" in hot water while making red jello to make a fun flavor. 
  5. When you have strong odors on your hands (such as onion or chemicals), use table salt, rub in well and wash well. 
  6. Fresh eggs are VERY difficult to peel when they are hard boiled, go for older eggs. 
  7. Cook bacon in a cold pan and cook over slow heat or dip in flower before frying to prevent shrinkage.
  8. Wipe your fingernails with vinegar, let them dry, and then apply polish. Your nail polish will last longer.
  9. Use hot vinegar to wipe paint stains from windows. 
  10. If your garbage disposal is smelling bad, grind half a citrus fruit in it. 
  11. Ink stains on walls can be removed by lemon juice and salt. 
  12. When tying a cord (such as to use on packages), wet it and then tie it tightly. Once it dries it will shrink and fit snugly.
  13. Perk up old carrots by soaking them overnight in cold water with a pinch of lemon juice.
  14. Never toss out stale bread - use it for croutons, desserts or other dinner dishes!
  15. Tip #7 - my husbands favorite! 
  16. THE BEST STAIN REMOVER/CLEANER: This works on EVERYTHING - walls, carpets, windows, counters, literally everything. 1 part dawn dishsoap (blue), 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, and lots of hot water. It'll take the stains out of anything, freshen up the room and it smells great. We used this one EVERYTHING before we moved and it cleaned the entire apartment and left it smelling great. 

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