Friday, August 3, 2012

Grilled Pizza Sandwiches

When asked the other day, "hun, what's for lunch?" by my husband who was coming home for lunch on his break, I knew I had to make something quick and special. Being sick of making him TV dinners for lunch, I peeked in the fridge and got cooking. 

Originally the plan was just grilled cheese...but when I saw the pepperoni, I couldn't help myself. 

How to do it: Make a Grilled cheese... and add pepperoni. It's delicious. Trust me. 


  1. I love grilled cheese!! Never thought to add pepperoni....I'm so gonna try! it sounds yummyyy!

  2. Okay, this sounds really good! I would love this! I have pinned it. I am now following you from Mom's Mingle.

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