Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School - Day Four

If you've missed it,
Day One, Day Two, Day Three.

Today's Challenge is create an easy style for class - today we are focusing on makeup and hairstyles!
Some of my inspiration comes from here (for hair),here and here (for makeup).

Hair: Keeping your hair up and into a cute updo keeps your hair out of your face, away to prevent distraction (if my hair is down I will play with it), and hair can sometimes cause acne, so keeping it up prevents future breakouts!

Check out the links above for style ideas, how-to's from this blog and so many other ideas!

Makeup: The trick is the same as what you get told for work, simple, easy, and light. There are lots of ideas above, and for me, I ALWAYS refer to white/base and a light pink color for my eyes, light mascara and liner and chapstick. Pack the basics in your bag, and don't go over the top. Not only will you distract yourself with trying to fix your makeup during the heat of summer/early fall or after the icy winds of winter, but you'll distract others...and not in a cute way.

How you dress for class is very important when it comes down to college. You want to make sure that you are comfortable, feel confident, and don't have any distractions!

Do you have any tips for college styles when it comes to hair and makeup?

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