Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos

So Yeah.. I didn't make a photo collage (there weren't enough photos), so you all get to enjoy a photo post! 

Sometimes you have to pause while cooking and ponder about life. (I'm a dork, what can I say?)

So, you wanna see my TINY kitchen that I'm cooking these awesome meals in?
Its proof you don't need a big kitchen to make good food! (The food I'm cooking in these photos will be up soon!)

Brayden and Daddy at Aunt Monica's wedding! I couldn't take photos of the wedding per the photographers request. Bummer :( It was BEAUTIFUL!

Grandma Terrie and Brayden. He LOVES his grandma!

Oh no, we aren't laughing at our kid while he's crying. Not at all.

Bubba and I finally gave up on a family photo and took a self portrait. Got to give Bubba credit - he took a great photo!

Hope you're having a great week!

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