Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy 51st Birthday - A Gift Basket Idea

Someone once told me, that after 50 it all goes downhill. Personally, I believe the same applies for gifts given and received after someone turns 50, they're all kinda...well not spectacular. That's why I really, really wanted to give a gift that would be used, as well as something they'd like to get.
That being said, who DOESN'T like getting their favorite treats?!

This ended up working out really well. The basket could be used to keep the goodies near the couch or recliner (at least, that's just my opinion!), and I found almost all of the goodies for the recipient that I wanted to. The only one I couldn't find were Circus Peanuts - bummer! 

We gave this to my Father-In-Law for his birthday, and he seemed to like it. Now I'm going to HAVE to find Circus Peanuts for Christmas for him! 

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  1. i think its a great gift!

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