Friday, October 11, 2013

Easy Shrimp Alfredo

Sometimes you just need an easy-peasy dinner. This recipe looks fancy, but frankly is just as easy as they get! I did do some altering to the easiest version, so I'll give you BOTH recipes today!

What you'll need: 
Easiest Version:
Pasta noodles, fettuccine, linguine, or angel hair
Alfredo Sauce

How to do it:
Easiest Version: 
Boil noodles in a pot. In a skillet, start to cook the shrimp.
Once they're cooked, add the pasta sauce and mix pasta, sauce and shimp well. You're done!

Easy Version:What you'll need:
Pasta Noodles
Alfredo Sauce
Lemon Pepper & Lemon Juice

How to do it - Easy Version:
Boil noodles in a pot.
In a skillet start to cook the shrimp. Add lemon pepper and lemon juice. Once cooked, you're going to create a sauce for the shrimp.
Pour a tiny bit (about two spoonfuls) of Alfredo sauce into the skillet. Add 1/2 cup milk and 1/4 cup flour, and mix well with a whisk. Once all the flour is dissolved, you should have a thick sauce. If its too thick, add more sauce or milk, if its too thin, add more flour.
Once everything is cooked, mix the noodles with the rest of the Alfredo sauce, and then top with the shrimp.
Serve and enjoy!

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