Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WW : Antelope Island

Over the blog hiatus we took a mini-day trip up to Antelope Island. It's a state park, and actually quite an easy day-trip considering how close it is and how beautiful it is. We packed up the family and headed up to enjoy a beautiful, but cloudy day.

Antelope Island is in the middle of the great Salt Lake. It is more commonly known for the buffalo on the island than the antelope. It always surprises us how many people are always touring the island, as well as how popular a tourist attraction it is.

View of the Great Salt Lake.

He had just woken up from a nap when I snapped this photo. Look at that face!
His eye colors are changing to match his daddy's. Isn't that hazel just gorgeous?

We walked down to the waterline from the beach. It was about a one-mile walk. 

Little dude had a blast playing on the beach! We were some of the only people there, so he got to run free and play!

Daddy was skipping rocks into the water. Little dude was just throwing them in. They both had a blast!

There is a farm on the island, where you can tour the old ranch houses, and watch the farmers work. Little dude was so excited to see this tractor!

As for me, I was falling in love with the old farmland. Its so beautiful out there.

The fog rising off the lake, the mountains, and a hawk sitting on the post.

Little dude and daddy watching the horses.

It was a great trip! We had so much fun, enjoyed getting away and enjoyed the fresh air and space. If you haven't been to antelope island, I highly recommend taking a day to do it!

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  1. Were there a lot of bugs since it's cooling down? I really want to go, but I've heard that there are tons of bugs, etc.