Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween with the Workmans!

What a fun and eventful Halloween this turned out to be!
This is the first year we've all dressed up. Last year, Bubba and Little Dude did, but with a fun change of events, my mother-in-law didn't like how her costume fit, and I got it to wear to our party!

Batgirl, Thor and Iron Man

We even made Thor's hammer ourselves...and frankly we like it a LOT better than the store bought ones.
I mean, lets take a moment to appreciate it. Its the perfect dimensions. Its cut to size for him. It looks pretty close to it. And it was less than $5 to make.
Can't beat that!

At the Workman family party we trick-or-treated door to door, had tons of candy and treats and enjoyed seeing everyone in costume! What a great looking group we have!
From left to right; Elephant, Gnome, Pirate, Firefighter, Ninja Turtle x2, Thor, Iron Man, Pregnant Skeleton, Lady Bug, Basketball, Lumberjack, Witch, Lumberjack, Flash Gordon, Batman, Mr. Incredible, Deer, Greek Goddess, Gamer, Clark Kent, Superman, and Lois Lane.
This was actually only half of the group...this is the group that could stand still long enough!

Later, at my in-laws, the kiddos got to pick their pumpkins! Grandma and Grandpa actually grew enough pumpkins for them all, but decided they weren't big enough, so bought a bunch more and stored them in the pumpkin patch (Grandma and Grandpa are the cutest!)

And then the carving began! Little Dude wanted nothing to do with the gooey ooey stuff! He loved scooping it out with the spoon though and was a big helper...at least for a little bit!

The kiddos with their pumpkins, before the adults could finish theirs!
Aren't they all cute? I love these kiddos so much!

And finally, the finished product for pumpkins for our family!
Clockwise from top left, Mason's pumpkin, Rachel's pumpkin, Amanda's, Bubba's, Mine, Momma-In-Law's, Cory's, Steven's, CJ's and in the middle is Carrie's.
At least, I think that is who they belonged to
What a busy and fun holiday it turned out to be! 

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