Monday, October 28, 2013

September Birchbox Review

I absolutely love getting both the Birchbox and the Ipsy Glam Bag, because they come staggered during the month...allowing me to really enjoy both boxes/bags and their contents. This month's Birchbox did NOT disappoint to say the least! 

Seriously though, they wrap the boxes up so nice and pretty. It is really hard not to love just looking at them when you open them up.

I was honestly very unsure of what to think with this product, having never heard of a cleanse & polish or Liz Earle. I was excited when I read the super-easy two step directions.
The product seemed very all-natural, and actually reminded me a bit of my grandmother, who always knows the best skincare products. I couldn't stop thinking "I've got to tell Grandma about this one!"
It worked GREAT. Not only that, but the day I tested it out, I had a chemical burn my face and it totally helped with the redness and painful feeling! I'm in love with this product!

Per the description on the Birchbox website, it says this is long-lasting, non-sticky lip gloss.
So I put it to the test.
In the end, they were right...but not at first. When I first put the lip gloss on my lips were super sticky, and felt heavy and over-glossed. It took about five minutes before the gloss didn't feel as thick and my lips quit sticking to everything, but once it was settled, I LOVED the color and how long it lasted! 

I grew up on Chapstick products, so I was really excited to get a product that I know and love in this month's box as an extra. Chapstick is so affordable, long-lasting and easy to find and replace. Here in Utah, when the winter comes, my lips need some Chapstick!

I still haven't tried this product yet, but I do have to say, its BIG. I am really excited to give it a shot here soon!

Oh my goodness, this perfume is DIVINE. I usually wear something really teenager-ish (I'm not proud) like Roxy or Hollister, but I LOVE this scent! It's taken over as my new favorite for work!

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