Monday, October 14, 2013

On Glasses and Frames (

Something you may not know about me, is that I am as blind as a bat. I've worn contacts for years, but honestly, it's time to switch things up- so when I heard about, I was excited to find a great company, where I could really have some fun with my new look! 

The thing is, glasses weren't really my thing until now. I'd always hated them, or how they made me look. Also, with my lifestyle as a teen BMX racer, I really didn't want to risk breaking my lenses or not having clear vision on the track. But now, I'm a mommy, and glasses are truly a lifesaver for middle of the night needs! 

One of the big perks about GlassesUSA, is that when Bubba found out he needed eyeglasses earlier this year, we were able to calm his nerves about his new look by using the Virtual Mirror feature on their website, and have some fun too!
And boy, did we ever have some fun- use the tool below to try it out for yourself!

The one thing we found that we really liked about the website, was that their variety of eyeglasses frames was fantastic! They had so many different styles, shades, colors and variations of what you could do with the glasses, like as turning them into sunglasses, added scratch protection, etc. AND it is all very affordable!

It was great to shop and only have the glasses on his face,
we knew exactly what we wanted!
We've had our experiences elsewhere, we've done the eye testing, and we've had the fun of waiting weeks and weeks, undergoing testing, doctors offices trying to up-sell us on more expensive frames. These guys don't do any of that, you can shop at home in your pajamas, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! After spending sometimes with GlassesUSA, we really can't seem to find a better place for prescription glasses!

On top of them having a fantastic website, they've also shared a promo code with you all so you can get 10% off any order - use promo code BLOG10
(and if you're really wanting an out-of-this-world deal, check out their clearance sale, and their special promos!)

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