Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Varsity Voxbox Review

I hate to say it, but there is really nothing more fun than getting a Voxbox in the mail! It's always a surprise, and the goodies inside are always worth the anxious wait! Here's what came in the Varsity Voxbox! 

Airheads Extreme Bites - Rainbow Berry
These are fantastic! I love Airheads, but rarely get to enjoy them, so these fun, bright and tasty little treats made a big impact on some long nights catching up on blogging!

NYC- Big Bold Plumping Gloss
NYC Gloss? YES PLEASE. I actually really like NYC lipsticks and glosses and purchase them fairly consistently. I was really excited to see this fun shade in my Voxbox! It went straight into my purse where I've been using it daily... needless to say I LOVE IT.

Tide Pods
I was really excited to try this out! I usually use dollar store detergent (because we can and because our washer doesn't take a lot of detergent anyways) and I used this on a load of Brayden's clothing just to REALLY test it out. I was shocked and how good his clothes looked afterwards and how good they smelled! I have GOT to go try some more!

Confession: I use the same old facewash every morning, and have for the last two years. I was really getting tired of using the same stuff, but it worked AND it was affordable. Why change?
And then the Clearasil Refreshing Superfruit wash came in this box. And I washed my face with it (btw, a little bit goes a LONG way! I got three washes per packet of the sample!), and fell in love. It's great on my sensitive skin, it smells amazing and even better- its cheaper than my usual brand at the store!

I really want to write a great review on these nail dresses, I really do, but they simply weren't that great for me and my busy lifestyle. They took twice as long as other nail stickers/dresses to put on, didn't nearly last even that evening, and the following morning (all I'd done was sleep!) I had to replace two of them. While I loved the style and pattern I just wasn't sure about these as a purchase in the future!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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