Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Mr & Mrs Crafty RVing

Biography of Jorge and Evielynne Sanchez
Jorge & Evielynne Sanchez consider themselves to be the luckiest two people on the planet. We know of many people who would agree. In fact, just ask any customer of their fantastic love child on Etsy, That is right… Jorge & Evielynne Sanchez are the driving force behind what is fast becoming the most popular Party Favors (Crafts and Hobbies) websites on the planet, along with their other children, the Barbie Emporium, (.com) and Christmas101.

Of course, getting to this point in their lives was not all peaches and puppies. Not ones to complain, very few have been privy to the difficult road they have traveled to bring their passions to ecommerce, the perfect forum with which to share their love of crafts with the entire world. Boil some water, drop a chamomile teabag in a cup, and lend us an ear. Here is how your favorite Party website came to be.
Jorge and Evielynne met a little later in life and are so grateful that they did. Evielynne, the Army brat who moved constantly as a child, loves living life settled down. Jorge, who moved to the USA at age four from Cuba, is an avid pilot, sewer extraordinaire, and loves whatever Evielynne loves. Together, they make one fantastic team. Ever since the day that Jorge, who was sewing items for an arts and crafts website, said aloud… “I can design and make these much better than this.” The idea of working for themselves rather than someone else set into the backs of their minds.
Jorge had always been good with his hands but a severe condition called Rheumatoid Arthritis very often prevented him from being able to lift so much as a gallon of milk. Evielynne, who could not sew herself into a paper bag, made up her mind that she would help her man follow the dream that formulated into both of their minds and immediately began to learn to sew. With Jorge as her initial teacher, it was not long before she was sewing up a storm, which is saying a lot.

With so many wonderful designs and ideas in their creative minds, they went to work and soon had so many items in their arsenal that they decided to open a website and sell on their own, rather than someone else getting the lion’s share of the money and all of the credit. was born of love, determination, and a desire to make it on their own… together!
One of Jorge’s many talents is design. Realizing what a gold mine idea they were sitting on with MrsCraftyRVing, they separated his gift for creating, designing, and making clothes for Barbie and company, (The Barbie doll) and the website debuted with incredible results. Teaming with the incredible social commerce website Etsy was one of the best moves they could have made and their business soon took on a life of its own.
There was one problem though… they still had excessively much wonderful product for a single website to handle. The solution…(?) they separated all of their fantastic Christmas ideas and opened to incredibly popular website… Christmas101. (.com) If you hold the spirit of Christmas in your heart the way Jorge and Evielynne do, check out
Evielynne spent a lot of time teaching herself the art of sewing, taking online lessons in sewing from Crafty-Sewing, Joann’s, and even Always the artistic type and loving the arts, in her youth she danced for Disney! Thinking outside the box, she purchased and ran a construction clean up business and won the prestigious “A Happy Home is a Clean Home” award. There is simply veryr sewer… Jorge!
Jorge worked for a well-known company out of Miami Florida in the Food Brokering industry for 20 years winning numerous awards and bonuses for his outstanding work there. He is a pilot, and using those skillful hands, he designed and upholstered the interior of his Cherokee 180, single engine plane. He has his pilot’s license with an instrumentation rating.

Together, their hard work and persistence has paid off as they have surpassed their 4000th sale on the websites. This is a great milestone and one for which they have been looking forward. You can celebrate with them on their FaceBook page at which is loaded with information and wonderful tips and ideas. As successful as they have been, it pales in comparison of the love that have for each other. Together, there is nothing that this talented pair could not accomplish. Stop by FaceBook and give them a shout. They love to talk to new friends. In fact, it is their customer service skills that make them so tremendously popular, that… and the high quality, awe inspiring, tremendously creative work that they do.

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