Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Don't worry, I'm not pregnant, but we do have some VERY BIG NEWS!

We are moving!

Here's the backstory,

We have had a VERY hard time with the neighbor above us, if you are our friend on Facebook or a follower on Twitter you understand how hard of a time we've been having. We've had to call the security and police multiple times because of him. He's a very scary individual.

This morning he had his music on VERY loud at 4:30 this morning. At 5:00 I realized that this wasn't just a short burst of music while getting ready for work and called security. They go home at 5:00 am and wouldn't come out to ask him nicely. I've been instructed by the cops to never speak to the guy, so I waited (as patiently as possible) til 7:00 am, when the phone lines for the complex opened. When they told me it'd be til 9:00 am before they could do anything to help me, I was annoyed. I was so annoyed in fact that I banged against the wall with my fist loudly and yelled up to him, "TURN IT DOWN [insert name]."

Moments later a very loud knock came to the door. The last time someone knocked like that, it was the police, so not thinking I opened it, and there he was. He was holding a mug of coffee, wearing sunglasses (yes, at 7:30 a.m.) and started yelling at me for asking him to turn the music down, because my yelling was "a bother." I HAD IT. I firmly told him to turn the music down and that my family didn't need any more of his crap. He refused and even claimed that "I was in Iraq! I am a war hero! I can play my music as loud as I want to!"

Scared, I started to shut the door, to slam it in his face. He pushed the door open and started to yell again and was calling me 'violent' and 'aggressive'. Suddenly I realized there was someone else there, the neighbor below us. He was yelling the neighbors name and calling him out on harassing me. I sighed a breath of relief as I hurriedly shut my door to just a crack to check on the baby, who was playing quietly. I returned to the door to see the upstairs neighbor ready to go the rounds with me, when the other neighbor grabbed him by the shirt and took him out to the lawn and started yelling. I yelled to both of them if one touched the other I was calling the cops, and frankly, the guy upstairs was going to jail if I did, because we all knew he was "on something."

The neighbor below us told us he'd "take care of it" and they walked in a huff out of sight. His wife came into our apartment with me and we sat and talked. When all was said and done and the upstairs guy was calm and gone the three of us talked, the guy below us, his wife and me. Finally, after what seemed like forever, it was 9:00.

I immediately went down to the leasing office and let them know that I was done with this game. We had put in a deposit to upgrade to a bigger unit in MAY. We'd been on the waiting list and been putting up with this guy for so long and I was annoyed. After almost thirty minutes of going in circles I had to sigh and give up. "Fine," I said. "Then you'll be paying my medical bills for all the chronic migraines I get, the sleep deprivation for my husband and any illness my child gets because we're sleeping 3 hours a night, IF THAT, thanks to him." They told me they'd talk to their managers and attorneys and work it out. I was doubtful if anything would happen to be honest.

Not even an hour later they called me. They'd found us a unit with what we were asking for (and then some to be honest!) and told us our moving date was less than two weeks away.

TWO WEEKS!  When we had asked on Monday we were told the wait would be 5-6 weeks, AT THE LEAST! To have it be within a reasonable time frame... We are so excited! 

So that concludes story time and gets me to my point,


What does this mean for you wonderful people? Well, that means I'll be blogging less and getting ready to move more. Packing, cleaning, all of that fun stuff. We will be taking lots of photos, so plan on seeing photo posts!

Don't give up on us, once we get relocated we will have lots to share and even more blog posts coming your way! 

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  1. So glad to hear you'll be out of that awful situation! I hope the move goes smoothly :)