Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Week in Photos

Its the weekend - which means it is time for our week in photos! 

I found a new format for adding all my photos instagram style via Picmonkey. Have you checked out PicMonkey? You totally should!

1. Brayden in his tuxedo onesie.
2. Momma Sherri (my mother in laws BFF) dancing with Brayden at the wedding.
3. What do grandparents do? Give you cupcakes!
4. Me and Brayden dancing at the wedding. He was my only dance too!
5. Our little family.
7-9 Brayden dancing to "Sexy and I know it" with his daddy.

1. Little man LOVING the pool!
2. Grandma cheering him on.
3. His first facial expression when he got into the pool, he didn't know what to think!
4. Grandma and Brayden chatting while swimming.
5. Check out his super-cute swimsuit - found it at Target!
6. Isn't his Grandma Terrie the cutest?
7-8 Big cheesy smile
9. When he got used to the water he just spread out and tried to float.

1. Daybreak Carshow
2. Thats the Batmobile. Not kidding.
3. That is a motorcycle gas tank inside a car
4. The sign says "PMS" and "Don't touch me, I'm not that kind of car."
5-7. Pretty cars. I LOVE older cars/trucks.
8. Sunset at Daybreak.
9. The Shocktop Bug. It's been at Gas Stations all over the valley!

1. Brayden eating Melon with Grandma
2. Monica's Bridal Shower Luncheon. (Congrats Miss Monica!)
3. Brayden discovering grass! He loved it.
4 & 6 Daddy enjoying a sucker
5. Brayden tried to enjoy it too, but his mouth was too small.
7 & 9 The Sarratoga Springs Fire
8. Sunrise on my commute to work. 

Hope you had a fantastic week! 

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