Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Summer Hemp Bracelet

I don't know about your neck of the woods but summertime has officially come to Utah! What a better way to start the summer than by showing off how to make the perfect summer hemp bracelet?  I learned how to do this ages ago, and is really easy to do! Growing up, we made these as friendship bracelets!  

What You'll Need: 
Hemp - available at any store

How to do it:
Wrap around your wrist AT LEAST four times and cut to length. You should have some leftover thread, which is what you want - less means you'll actually be able to finish the bracelet! 

Create a loop at the top of your bracelet and spread out your four strands. 
Strand One, set to the left, strand two and three set together in the middle, strand four is set to the right. Now, using strand one, loop in under the two strands in the middle. Lay flat. Strand four is looped under the tail of strand one, over strands two and three and then loop into strand one. Pull tightly. (It should look like folded arms). Continue and watch it as it curls itself! 

Once you're finished, tie off and enjoy!

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