Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kyle & Brittany's Wedding

On Saturday we went to Kyle and Brittany Green's wedding. It was a BEAUTIFUL night and everything was fantastic! I wanted to get photos of the wedding, but the photographer at the Reception hall asked me not to, which I guess I can understand. That being said, he can't stop me from taking photos of my family enjoying the festivities and fun! 

From Row: Our little family - Brayden is growing up so fast! I love my little family!

Grandpa struck again! Little dude got cupcake frosting! (More got on his face than in his tummy thankfully!) Grandpa cannot be left unattended.

 Middle Row: My dance partner was my son. Best dance EVER. 

Little dude has a tuxedo onesie. Everyone thought it was cute!

Daddy helped Brayden dance to "Sexy and I know it." He was smiling the whole time.

Bottom Row: This adorable little gal thought Brayden was the cutest thing ever, and hardly left his side. He had a new friend and flirted a TON with her. We are in so much trouble!

Momma Sherri and Brayden dancing.

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