Saturday, June 2, 2012

S'Mores on a Stick & a BBQ

We had a big BBQ on Friday for the end-of-the-season for the soccer team Bubba helps coach. We were asked to bring a dessert to share with everyone - so I decided to make the S'Mores on a stick! (And A LOT of them - over 150!) 

What you'll need:
Marsh-mellows (the bigger the better!)
Milk Chocolate (or semi-sweet, but add milk when melting it to make it smoother)
Graham crackers
Kabob sticks

How to do it:
Using wire cutters cut the tip of the kabob stick off, (childproof the stick basically!) and then cut in half. Stick into the marsh-mellow, going as deep into it as possible without piercing through the other end of the marsh-mellow. 

Melt chocolate, we used our fondue pot to do so and it worked better than when we've tried to on the stove. While chocolate is melting crumble your graham crackers into a bowl. The finer, the better!

Once chocolate is ready and your crackers are crumbled, dip marsh-mellows into the chocolate and immediately into the crackers (while its still warm). Repeat until finished. 

If you know it'll be warm out and you want to keep them from melting quickly, place them into the fridge for about 20 minutes before you leave. It helped them survive the hot car ride over to the park and the warm evening! 

The BBQ was a hit and the kiddos loved the S'Mores! We had a great time hanging with the kiddos and our friends and really had fun playing soccer with them in a grown-up vs. kiddo scrimmage! 

Last photo I want to show you is of my hubby and my adorable baby... warning, this is a cuteness overload! 

Hope you have a great weekend!

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