Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Week in Photos

Hey Everyone! It's that time of the week again - time for our week in photos!

Set One
Top Row, Left and Right- Bubba and Baby boy playing!
Middle - Our last photo of our Bunny Taz before he went to his new family on Tuesday

Middle Row, Left - We went to our friends wedding on Thursday evening. Bubba and Brian (a friend from high school) and their kiddos - the boys are 5 weeks apart!
Middle - Bella and Caleb's wedding line, she designed her own dress and looked so beautiful and completely happy! Congrats guys!
Right - Brenda and Regina, a few friends of mine from high school (and twins no less!)

Bottom row, Left - Grandma Terrie and Brayden - with his new facial expression. Its a weird one...
Middle - My note to the guys who are helping us move.
Right - Uncle Bubba Kanoosh and Brayden. So cute. 

Set Two
Top Row - My sister in law Amanda's Baby Shower for Emitt Wyatt baby boy Workman.

Middle Row - Left, Middle - More baby shower photos
Right - The book I won from Erin over at Pretty, Polished Perfect.

Bottom Row, Left - Brayden and my Oma. He loves his Oma so much (would you believe she's 80!? She looks so young! I hope I look that young when I'm her age!)
Middle - Bubba flipping through my new book when I'm not looking. He secretly likes to read.
Right - We found Brayden sacked out in his jumperoo, and being the parents we are had to take a photo before pulling him out!

Hope you had a fantastic week? Did you do anything fun? Share below!

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