Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween Charlie Brown!

It's the little dudes FIRST Halloween, so naturally, this post will be VERY photo heavy! We've been celebrating since Saturday Morning, so the photos will just keep coming and coming until a few days after Halloween. Those with kids, get it. Those without kids, ignore my little blog for the next few days.

The biggest issue I had with Halloween this year was not wanting my child to have a generic costume from Babies R Us or Wal-Mart. I wanted my little dude to have a costume his mommy made him. I don't know why that was such a big issue for me, but it was. Pretty early on in the year I had decided what little dude was going to be for Halloween.

Charlie Brown.

Little man is bald (well, okay, not entirely, but he has super blonde hair and you can't see it). Has a "Bubba Belly", aka, his daddy's keg, and has the worlds biggest forehead. Also, Charlie Brown is timeless, my dad could have rocked the Charlie Brown look as much as Brayden did. So I took to the store and after two months of looking, my sister-in-law finally found us a yellow polo at the Baby Gap outlet in Park City. That's when we started our project!

His costume was easy enough to make after that. Use black electrical tape to make the zig zags, find some brown pants and make sure his shoes stay white until then. We used a brown eyeliner pencil for his forehead artwork and off we went for lots of fun and games!

We went to the Workman Family Halloween Party. Its a big shindig, the kids go crazy, the adults have a great time and everyone gets to be a little kid again in some sort. They do door-to-door trick or treating in the home and the kids get to do a costume parade down the stairs and show off their costume to the family.

Simply put, it's fun.

So we went as a bunch of mismatched costumes. Brayden was Charlie Brown, I was a little girl in her jammies, and Bubba was Dog, the Bounty Hunter. Well, we at least attempted for him to be Dog. The other option we came up with was ugly. Like I said, it didn't turn out, but he rocked the look anyways. AND Brayden kept laughing whenever he saw his daddy, which was really quite funny.

I really enjoyed the door to door trick or treating because I was hiding behind Bubba (holding Brayden) and snapping photos of everyone's faces when he came to the door. The one of Bubba's cousin Jamie (pictured) is my favorite. Both of them (Brayden and Jamie) had the cutest smiles when they saw each other.

We went to Great Grandma Trudy's and Great Grandpa Beanies afterwards and surprised them with a visit. They got to see all the kiddos in their costumes and had a great time with photos, smiles and the like.

Lastly, we went back to Grandma Terrie's where we had all the grandbabies ready for photos. From Left to Right: CJ was a clown (only to scare Aunt Carebear), Wyatt was a little Devil, Brayden was Charlie Brown, Emma was a leopard, Mason was a Dragon ("RAWWWWWR"), Cheyenne was a Hippie Chic and Breanna was a Witch. (Btw, if you look in this photo you'll see that baby Emma is holding Brayden's arm. Those two will cuddle if you let them!)

This last photo kills me. I love it. CJ was in his super-scary mask and Brayden just kept check him out. He wasn't scared, never cried, but the way this photo turned out just strikes me as hilarious. 

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Halloween so far!


  1. Oh my goodness soooo cute! Love that last picture, too! :)

  2. At first glance I thought you only had stuffed toys on the couch. Cute pic except for the terrifying killer clown.

  3. Aw Charlie Brown so cute! That last picture IS adorable. So funny.