Thursday, October 18, 2012

Medically Speaking...

Has the blog seemed quiet to you? Well, it has been. Let me take a moment of your time to explain why.

I've been really, really busy.

In school we are at midterms, so I'm writing papers and studying for tests like a mad man. So far this week, I've written three papers, completed six assignments, taken three midterms, and I still have a class to go before it's all over with.

At work they decided I needed to orient someone, who wasn't really going to be working in my unit. I did so, and she's a lovely gal, but it is draining to not be able to work on your routine. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job, love the new gal, and all is well, but you get in your habit and it helps you not make mistakes.
This last week I've been spending a LOT of time making sure I'm not skipping anything or making a mistake.

At home the little man hasn't been feeling the greatest, and has been sleeping like a champ. As thankful as I am that he's sleeping, I'm worried that he's not feeling well and hope it is just growing or teething. He's eight months old with no teeth, however, the pediatric dentist I called said that it is fine, that the longer they take to come in, the healthier his teeth will be. I just have to remember that.

And then comes the part I haven't really wanted to talk about.

All week long I've been getting ready for my cyst-excision-biopsy thingy I have to go do tomorrow. A few weeks ago I found a sizable lump on my sternum when doing a breast cancer check. It's been there for a little while, but when I had my OBGYN check it out (immediately after little dude was born) she told me it could be anything, from a clogged duct, to acne from hormones and not to worry. Eight months later, it's still there and it is getting bigger.

My primary care doctor agreed to remove it, and has a procedure room in his office that allows me to do it there. He is going to take the whole thing out, and then run labs on it. He called it a mass removal, his nurse called it a biopsy. Either way, somethings there, it hurts, and I want it out. So tomorrow it is coming out.

This would all be fine and dandy and I would have normal amounts of nerves, but Bubba has to work and cannot come with me, ANNND I've had some fun this week with other medical problems.

Like the gnarly red half inch bump where my tetanus booster went in. It doesn't hurt, but it looks like crap. Then for my flu shot - they hit a nerve and my arm is totally numb. The numbness comes in waves and for the time being, they don't want to claim responsibility, because they think it'll heal. If that's not annoying, and scary, I don't know what is.

So medically speaking, I will be blogging when I feel up to it, but please understand if I don't. It's been a heck of a week or two and I cannot wait for it to all be over.


  1. I hope it all goes well! I'll think good thoughts for you today.

  2. Ahh you poor thing! that has got to be rough and scary! ill be thinking about you while the "mass" goes in for testing! and I hope that numbness in your arm goes away.