Friday, October 19, 2012

Tumor Excision (& Photo)

Warning: The end of this post contains a photo that you may find makes you squeamish. If medical fixes such as blood or stitches grosses you out, do not read this post or continue onto the photo on the bottom.
You've been warned. For my medical professionals that follow this blog, you'll laugh at this warning, but we all understand why I'm posting it.

My bandaging after the procedure.
Today I had my tumor excision. It was a very unnerving experience, and since writing and being honest is so extremely therapeutic for me, I decided I would do a post on this experience. 

I arrived for the appointment early and taken into an empty procedure room. They didn't really give me any instructions on whether to change or not, so I just sat there, reading magazines from a few years ago and hoping that the doctor would be far enough behind that Bubba would get off of work and come meet me like we had planned. Finally, Bubba arrived and the wait continued. 

Finally it was time to get changed into the nice paper tank top they offered for me. I dressed and laid into the nearly dentist-like chair and the doctor began to prep the area, sterilizing it and injecting the area with lidocaine. This whole time I'm sitting there in the chair going, "is this worth it? is this REALLY worth it?" 

Also, I'm trying really hard not to laugh as he's poking my sternum with a scalpel and asking me if I can feel it. The lidocaine hadn't kicked in yet, and for whatever reason the whole situation struck me as funny. He re-injected me with more lidocaine and started the procedure. 

It was the LONGEST thirty minutes of my life so far. I sat there, trying not to look at the doctor (even though he's a young, attractive man), trying not to read his face or catch a glimpse of the scalpel or the other instruments. I counted ceiling tiles, tried to ask questions that were relevant and tried to ignore what was going on. 

Finally, after some sawing, awkward positions and weird silences, he popped the mass out of my chest (and in my mind I reenacted a scene from ALIEN) and laid it on the sterile tray. I HAD to look. I HAD to. 

So I did.

I've seen medical stuff most of my life. My genetics suck so I'm actually really strong stomached when it comes to that. What I saw really started to freak me out, because what I thought was the size of a pea, maybe a pistachio (without the shell) at largest, wasn't. IT WAS THE SIZE OF A LARGE MARBLE.

Talk about feeling naked and exposed. 
He stitched me up, which was honestly the most painful part of the whole procedure, and bandaged it up (see photo above). While doing so, he asked if I had any questions. Without thinking I answered, "yeah, is this going to ruin my chances of being a topless dancer?" His face was priceless.

But the fun didn't stop there.
They then super-glued it. 
Then put another layer of glue on.
Then put some steri-strips on it. 
Then put a tegederm on it.
Then put a white cloth bandage on it.
Then another large bandage. 
I'm really curious, why so many bandages? What is going to try to escape from the incision? 

The mass (that even made the MA say "wow, that is BIG!") has been sent to Pathology after being shown to most employees in the office. Can't tell whether I should be more worried or impressed by that part. I'll have the results by Wednesday.

Anyways, I've spent the night doing anything but resting, because I think I'm invincible. That will change shortly as I am heading to bed. I'm so truly blessed to have family that loves us and takes care of us, Bubba's mom watched Brayden all day today for us, and my mom is taking him tonight until Bubba gets done with his OT shift tomorrow. I've gotten texts and calls from dear friends and I do appreciate your concern, love and support.

Hopefully it all goes uphill from here. Thank you all so much for your love and support. 


  1. Newest follower here! I found you through the Friday blog hop! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  2. I'm glad you are blogging about it. It's good to get your story out and share. And I'm glad you asked about your topless dancing chances...I mean a girl needs to know her options, right doc? :) Lol. Best wishes for your coming week. New follower here.