Friday, October 12, 2012

Kanoosh's 21st Birthday

My little brother, Bubba Kanoosh (the other Bubba in my life) turned 21 on Thursday. Yeah, I'm in denial that we're getting older. We had a fun little Birthday celebration for him at my parents home.
As a part of the party, we had a impromptu photo session, each of us wishing him happy birthday!

Brayden: Happie Birfday Unkle Bubbah. I wuv you! You maked me giggle. You is AWESOME. Wuv, Brayden.

Kaoosh: Holy Hannah! I'm 21! (My sister made me do this!) 

Our centerpiece, a hollowed out pumpkin filled with ice and root beer.

Nick: Money! Where's the mother-trickin-money?

Abby: I love you!

Dad: Dude... Really? Sigh... Happy Birthday. Now shut up about it.

Dani: Stay out of trouble! Love you!

Mark: 21. Need I say more.

Bubba: I am not a 3am taxi. JK. I'd do it every time.

Mom: Sappy meaningful message to her child.

Happy Birthday Kanoosh!

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