Monday, November 19, 2012

November IPSY Glam Bag

I am new to the IPSY (Glam Bag) Community...but I am a BIG fan so far.

Here's the deal. You pay $10 a month, and each month, they ship you FIVE makeup products, a makeup bag, and the ten dollars covers the shipping as well! TOTALLY worth it!

Chelli eyebrow prep gel. Never heard of it before, but I tried it out and LOVE it. I am actually really new to any eyebrow product, so this was a nice new thing to add to my makeup bag and to try!

 This lip gloss? It's retailing at $18 dollars... so if you wanted to know if the Glam Bag is worth it, it is.

The gloss is fantastic. The color looks dark but applies lighter. It isn't sticky or messy like other glosses and I can kiss my husband with it on and he doesn't get any on him or have a nasty flavor afterwards.
 I haven't met Matt yet, but I love the product line and am excited to try it out tomorrow!
 This eyebrow pencil works fantastic and I am honestly shocked that from plugging in my information via a questionnaire that they were able to match the color as well as they did. It isn't too harsh, colors in evenly and easily and is easy to wash off when finished. Matched with the brow gel/prep, works AMAZING.

I may or may not be in love.

The polish is Nail-tini's "Millionaire." It is gold glitter with specks of green in it. If you've read this blog for more than five minutes you know I'm big into nails and polish, and tried this out immediately. I love how it turned out, and is glamorous, but understated and low-key enough that I can wear it to work!

Do you do the glam bags? What do you think? I'm looking forward to next months shipment already!

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