Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SmashCake Studio Product Review

I won the SmashCake studio giveaway from the Chirping Moms. When I won the giveaway, I was in AWE of their amazing products, and naturally, ALL of what I won is going towards Brayden's  first birthday party!

My thoughts so far:
The ice cream cups? HUGE. I ordered medium cups and they are more than big enough. Their wooden spoons are super durable (I pulled one out to test it). and I am really pleased with the quality.
Their shipping of the products is fantastic. I was really worried I would get a massive box or that something may arrive broken, but it showed up in a timely matter and everything was packaged so nice, neat and in perfect condition. 
Also, they added really cute and colored tissue paper to the package. It was so fun to open I could hardly stand it. Brayden helped me open it as well, and had fun with all the tissue paper. 

Now we will all have to wait until Brayden's birthday to see it all come together, but I am SO excited about using SmashCake studio's products - please, do yourself the favor and go check them out - you won't be sorry! 

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  1. What a great review ... I love getting birthday stuff in the mail!
    Have a great birthday party for your son.

    Thank you for linking up with the Raising Imperfection Sunday link up.
    Come back tomorrow to see if you were featured!